Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life Insurance

Inspira Health provides all eligible employees with Basic Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance in an amount equal to 2x annual base salary to a maximum of $1,000,000. This coverage is 100% company-paid.

You must name a beneficiary —the person or persons who will receive your life insurance benefit in the event of your death. If you do not name a beneficiary, then the benefit will be paid to your estate.

Your Group Life Insurance Is Portable

You may elect portable life insurance coverage when:

  • Your employment ends; or
  • You have a change in eligibility.

The portable life insurance coverage will be the current coverage and amounts that you are insured for under your Employer's group plan. You must apply for portable coverage and pay the first premium directly to the insurance company within 31 days after the date:

  • Your coverage ends; or
  • You begin working less than the minimum number of hours required in this plan

Supplemental Term Life Insurance

If you apply as a new employee or newly eligible employee, you may purchase up to $500,000 of Supplemental Life Insurance within 31 days of your initial eligibility. The first $100,000 is guaranteed issue - meaning you don't need to complete an evidence of insurability. Any amount deducted over $100,000 will require you to complete the evidence of insurability form (see below) and Submit for approval. Coverage is available for yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependent children.

Coverage is guaranteed issue (no medical Evidence of Insurability necessary) if you enroll during your initial eligibility period for the following amounts:

  • Employee: Increments of $10,000, max of $100,000
  • Spouse: Increments of $10,000, max of $100,000
  • Dependent: Increments of $2,500, max of $10,000

You must enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance in order to enroll your spouse or dependents.

Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required if you apply as a new employee, within 31 days of eligibility for any amount over $100,000 in coverage (to a maximum of $500,000 for employees). EOI is also required on all amounts if you apply for coverage more than 31 days from your date of eligibility.

Life insurance purchase amounts requiring EOI do not become effective (and therefore are not deducted from your pay) until approved.

This is a term insurance product: rates will increase as your age increases.

Click the link below to view the Evidence of Insurability form and submission instructions.