Our Prescription Benefits

Both Horizon medical plans include the Inspira Health prescription program administered by CVS Caremark. Fill prescriptions by mail or at a retail pharmacy, and pay according to the "tier" of the drug.

You can manage your prescriptions online at The website includes tools that allow participants to locate a pharmacy, order mail order refills, track mail orders, ask questions, and obtain information on specialty medications.

Generic VS. Preferred VS. Non-Preferred Drugs

When you get your medications at a pharmacy, you are responsible for paying a copay or coinsurance. In most instances, your cost is the lowest when you select a generic version of a prescription. You may be required to select a generic prescription if one is available.

Preferred brand drugs on the CVS Caremark Performance Drug List have the next highest cost, but still cost less than other brand-name drugs. They are chosen for their clinical value and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing non-preferred brand name drugs (ie., not on the CVS Caremark Performance Drug List) will result in the highest cost, even though they are covered under the plan.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

CVS Caremark Specialty Pharmacy Services are available to help those with specialty medication needs. This program allows you to obtain expensive injectable and oral specialty medications through mail order. Other features include:

  • Access to the Advanced ControlSpecialty Pharmacy list;
  • Personal attention from a pharmacist-led CareTeam to help manage your therapy;
  • Ordering through a toll-free number;
  • Claims assistance to help determine coverage and file the necessary paperwork;
  • Confidential and convenient delivery of medications and supplies to the location of your choice; and
  • Helpful follow-up calls to offer reminders and answer any questions you may have.

To start taking advantage of these benefits, or if you have general questions concerning CVS Caremark Specialty Services, please call 1-800-237-2767.

Notes on the Horizon Omnia and Horizon HDHP

If you order a brand-name drug when a generic version is available, you will pay the generic cost share plus the price difference between the brand and generic medication. Save money on maintenance medications at any CVS Retail Pharmacy or by using CVS Caremark's mail order program!