Our Vision Plans

Eye care coverage is available to all eligible employees of Inspira Health. Two vision plan options are outlined on the following pages; you may elect only one.

Inspira Health offers two different vision plans:

  • UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan
  • Preferred Vision Plan

Option 1: UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan

The UnitedHealthcare Vision Plan provides you with access to affordable, quality vision care coverage. Through UnitedHealthcare’s provider network, you are able to receive a complete eye examination and materials. This plan allows you to obtain services and products every 12 months based on the last date of service.

Using Your UnitedHealthcare Vision Benefits

UnitedHealthcare’s network of providers includes private doctors and retail optical providers. To locate a provider near you, visit or call UnitedHealthcare at 1-800-839-3242.

You will not be issued an ID card when you enroll in this plan.
Simply identify yourself as a UnitedHealthcare participant to your provider with your Alternate ID or your Social Security number. Dependents are identified by the employee’s Alternate ID or Social Security number and date of birth.

If you choose, you may also download an ID card from to bring to your provider.

Option 2: Preferred Vision Plan

The Preferred Vision Plan allows employees to obtain discounts on vision products and services. These discounts are available exclusively through the Eye Institute of South Jersey, PC, 3071 East Chestnut Avenue, Vineland, NJ.

This plan has no limits on the frequency of use for you or your family, offering discounts on examinations, glasses and contact lens fittings, and unlimited purchase of designer ophthalmic, sun, and sports performance eyewear. Additional benefits include discounts on LASIK and refractive surgeries performed at the Kremer Laser Eye Center. Specific information about plan discounts is outlined in the summary below.

Using Your Preferred Vision Plan

While the Preferred Vision Plan is available to employees at no cost, the discounted products and services are limited to those offered through the Eye Institute of South Jersey and Kremer Laser Eye Center.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call:

Eye Institute of South Jersey

WANT MORE INFORMATION... your Vision Plan Summary will give you detailed information about your vision plans.